Old wormbase back, please?

i used the old wormbase since i started to work with c. elegans, i guess it was in 2001.

now, everything has changed and i could not find anything.

what was the intention to finish a system that was perfect and people have learned to work with it? why was it necessary to completely change these well-working things?

if there are ANY possibilities to restart and maintain the old wormbase, could you please do so?

At the top of the page there is a link to the legacy site. This legacy site will not be maintained so all information will forever be the state of the field as of March 2012, but for now you can use it to find what you need. The new site isn’t so bad once you get used to it, but I admit it’s a bit of a learning curve for those of us who ‘grew up’ on the old site.


I’m getting more used to the new site, but its a challenge. I don’t see the benefits of the new site. Change for the sake of change?

I agree that the new site is a challenge. Old site is much better, simple and easy to navigate. New site never replace the old one. I would also like to request to change the new site to old wormbase.

Seems to me that the new site is greatly improved for the one thing I care the most about: speed of loading pages and getting to the data. The “old” site had almost become unusable on weekdays if you happen to work in the US. My impression from the wormbase blog was that the new site is a complete rebuild and supposed to scale much better for the increased amount of data we all rely on from wormbase. So hopefully it’ll stay fast. I am actually quite impressed with how easy the transition has been and how few glitches there have been.

Just my 5 cents…