Ollas Immunostaining

I am facing some difficulties to work with Ollas antibody from Novus Biologicals. I use two different primary antibodies: one anti-mouse (Tubulin) and another one is anti-rat (Ollas). Unexpectedly it gives positive result in negative control. I repeat my experiment and get same result. Do anyone face this problem with Ollas antibody from Novus?

Hi we and a few others had the same problem with anti-Ollas antibodies from Novus. We successfully used their earlier batches but the newer batches started to give unspecific interactions (both in our lab and a few other labs). The newer batches seem to work still fine in mammalian systems. As a result, we no longer use the anti-Ollas antibodies or the Ollas tag. Would be interesting to know if there are different experiences…

Thank You very much Alper for your reply. I will let you know if I can manage to get more information on this matter.