OLLAS-tag in the germ line

Hello Everyone,

I am planning to tag a gene using CRISPR. The FLAG/Myc-tagged lines generally give high background in the germ line, so was planning to use OLLAS-tag. I was wondering if anyone has generated OLLAS-tagged transgenic or CRISPR’ed line! If yes, which antibody is used to detect it? How is the background?



Alexandre Paix mentions inserting Ollas tags by CRISPR in a couple of papers. I didn’t notice any staining in a quick glance at those papers, but you might contact him and ask what his experience has been.

Thanks HillelSchwartz,
I contacted Alexandre Paix. Just to share with the community, they are using monoclonal antibody L2 from Novus, [https://www.novusbio.com/products/ollas-epitope-tag-antibody-l2_nbp1-06713.