operon promoter fusion

I’m looking for advice on determining expression pattern for a gene that’s 2nd of several genes in an operon, in the absence of an antibody (as of yet). I’m thinking of a GFP fusion to the operon’s promoter (that is, 5’ to the first gene in the operon). Any other advice? The interval between the first and second gene is very short, about 100 bp.

Also wondering about translational fusions in this context–what promoter should drive them in the context of an operon? I’ve seen a couple papers address this, but I’m wondering about any consensus advice from the wider world or worms.

using the upstream promoter may not give you the expected result. there were couple of papers last year showing that operon genes are not necessary coexpressed. if you want to make a proper tagged reporter check out this paper:

Sarov et al. A recombineering pipeline for functional genomics applied to Caenorhabditis elegans. Nat Methods (2006) vol. 3 (10) pp. 839-44