Opinions on Tritech SMT1 stereomicrosope?

I am considering getting another dissecting microscope to replace one of my Nikon SMZ-2Bs and came across the Tritech SMT1 microscope (http://www.tritechresearch.com/SMT1.html).

I would be grateful to know anyone’s experience with them. I just need it for basic worm work. Many thanks.

Hi Jim,
I have not tried this particular scope. But I previously got some refurbished basic stereo scopes at Vermont Optechs:

John Oren there was helpful. You could see if the price is right. The scopes I got were bare bones, but are still cooking along and working fine.

Thanks a lot, Dave. I’ll keep that in mind.

My experience with the Tritech dissecting scope has been awful - in short, you get what you pay for (the optics are terrible).

We also got a few refurbished dissecting scopes from John Oren at Vermont Optechs and they were much higher quality than the Tritech. John is both fair and knowledgeable.

Our current favorite dissecting scope model in the lab is the new Zeiss Stemi 508 - we were not looking for new scopes, but the Zeiss rep brought in a demo and now we own three.