Osmosis !

Dear all,

My mutant worms are osmotic stress sensitive, unlike osr-1 mutants…

What might be the possible reasons for them being so ? :’(

Thanks for any inputs.

Why the frowny face? Did you expect your mutants to be resistant to osmotic stress? What are your mutants? Possible causes could be
-cuticle defects
-low levels of gpdh-1 expression (glycerol is an osmoprotectant and GPDH-1 catalyzes the rate-limiting step of glycerol synthesis)
-lipid metabolism (Aroian lab work showing that pod-2 and emb-8 mutant embryos are osmosensitive)



It’s been a bad day…so forgive my bluntness,

but questions like this one appear regularly on the forum and I marvel at the dedication people show in replying to them.

First, the question is breathtakingly facile. I doubt whether anyone working in a lab (which is that by the way?) would be so isolated from their area of research (what is that by the way?) that they need to ask why their mutant (what is this mutant, how was that made and what was the assay used by the way?) is sensitive to osmotic stress.

Given sensitivity to osmotic stress is a good bet for hundreds of mutants, the sensitivity of your ‘mutant’ is not surprising…unless you have a particular mutant that is supposed to be osmotic stress resistant (do you?).

But my main concern here, is that new members of the forum/occasional visitors might be forgiven for thinking that this kind of question is normal day to day stuff which it isn’t.

I’m a nice guy, really…but this kind of question wastes people’s time and reduces the chances of someone with an interesting puzzle, idea, question getting feedback from some very experienced and bright researchers.


Dunno Steve. My general policy is “there’s no such thing as a dumb question.” Or at least not the first time! :wink:

I do sometimes wish that posters would provide more information up front. But I also figure that it’s my option not to reply if I consider it a waste. Just my two cents.

maybe now we’ll find out what happens people start clicking each others’ smite buttons


feeling much better today. I agree that one dumb question is in everyone of us, if that were the case then I would have refrained from replying (your second point David). As to the applause/smite buttons…I would happy if they were not an option as I like to give praise or smite up front.