Painfully Slow Browsing...

It seems like I am going through phases of absolute euphoria to absolute frustration when using WormBase. There are periods when everything works magically and I browse with minimal delay, but most of the time everything seems quite laggy and pages sometimes fail to load completely.

I’ve also recently been getting ‘502’ Bad Gateway errors. What’s causing this extreme slowdown/loading problem? Are there certain ‘power’ users that are just hammering the WormBase servers? If so, is there any way to limit them so their actions do not impact other users?

Edit: Now it seems like 504 Gateway Time-out errors :frowning:

My whole lab has been experience this. Pages won’t load all the way and you have to refresh a few times to get it to load. Also genome browser loading takes a coffee run to fully load!

I agree! And if I do a BLAST search and click on the ‘Genome View’, after waiting for an enternity I do not see the ‘hit’ bar that used to be there, showing me where my query mapped to. I’ve sent the WormBase crew notes when this happens in the past, as they suggest, but it still doesn’t seem to be fixed.

to keep you up to date on the situation:

“We’ve been the victim of a distributed hacking attempt that has sent 1000s of requests against the site using apparently hijacked machines. It has been difficult to defend against without inadvertently dropping legitimate users. I’ve been ratcheting down on these requests when they arise and they seem to have moved on to other targets, although I’m still seeing periodic spikes. Should have this under control in the next 12-24 hours as the pattern has now become apparent.” (state of 6 hours ago)

Ack, I can’t believe people are trying to DDoS WormBase!

I have been having issues with wormbase being slow for at least a month now.

Yup, the “general” slowness exists since a while and should be fixed withing the next few months (as in the new site shouldn’t show it as bad, as it will scale a lot better).

The current “extreme” slowness in contrast is temporary and due to the swamping with DDoS traffic.