Petri dishes for worm

Our lab generally purchases petri dishes (35mm, 60mm, 100mm) from Tritech Research company. However, I noticed their prices are getting higher and higher… Can anyone please let me know if there are other companies that also provides good petri dishes for growing worms? Thanks a lot!

‘However, I noticed their prices are getting higher and higher…’

Tell me this was asked during a lull in lab activities or after a break in where all your PCs got stolen?

most things are getting more expensive, the real question is relative to what? For example, using that archaic medium the Internet I found these prices (they are in the public domain):

Tritech 60mm (500 plates) are $60 plus tax/delivery but before the 7.5% discount. [that’s 12 cents per plate]

Sigma 60mm (500 plates) are €90 plus tax/delivery [that’s 18 cents per plate]

and a local supplier Carl Roth do 60mm (1620 plates) for €152 before tax/delivery [ that’s 9 cents per plate]

prices are normally fixed by three factors: 1. how much effort you put into finding out what’s available, 2. whether a company has the monopoly and 3. whether you are drowning in dollars and don’t care

Oh yes, perhaps related to 3. whether your PI notices the extravagance and and gets medieval with you (aka Pulp Fiction).

As to the 60mm petri dish, it was $39.5 for 1 package (500/cs) in 2011.

Yes, I’ve noticed plate prices increasing as well, almost overnight. A previous quote of $55 per case is now $72. The online viewable prices are not accurate when you call to make the order, sometimes going up by 50%.