PhD fellowship: Ubiquitination in host defence

Orane Visvikis (university of Nice) and our lab (CIML, Marseille) have been awarded a 3 year PhD fellowship, from the “Infectiopôle Sud”, to address comprehensively the role of ubiquitination in innate immunity, in well established models of bacterial gut infection (Visvikis) and fungal infection of the epidermis (Ewbank). Applicants must (i) not be French (ii) not have resided in France for more than 1 year (iii) be from a "southern country” (in Europe this includes Portugual, Spain, Italy, Greece…). Recruitment will be organised through the Infectiopôle Sud, which will publish a call in the near future. In the meantime, please contact Orane Visvikis for more details. I will be available for informal discussion at the Barcelona worm meeting in June.