PhD position on GLB-3 function: Braeckman Lab - BELGIUM

Job description
The Laboratory of Aging Physiology and Molecular Evolution focuses on the functional biology of the nematode model Caenorhabditis elegans. Aging research is the core research in the laboratory, with focus on metabolism and lifespan extension. Another research line analyses the function of C. elegans globins. Quite surprisingly, the C. elegans genome encodes for 34 different globins, predominantly expressed in several neuronal subsets. Not much is known about their function, but many are likely involved in signaling and regulation of physiological processes rather than in carrying oxygen.
The available PhD position is part of an FWO project that focuses on the elucidation of the function of glb-3, a C. elegans globin that is expressed in the gonads and may have a role in ovulation by generating ROS signals. This research runs in cooperation with the group of Sylvia Dewilde (UA), with whom we have a long-standing collaborative history on C. elegans globin research.

Profile of the candidate
• You have recently obtained a Master of Science (Msc) diploma in biochemistry and biotechnology, biology, bioscience engineering, or biomedical sciences. Last year Master students can also apply, conditional on successful completion of their Master’s program in July or September 2018. We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with excellent grades and a strong interest in functional biology.
• You have a specific interest in molecular techniques, biochemistry, and microscopic phenotyping.
• You should have good communication and writing skills in English.
• You should be able to work independently, as well as function as part of an interuniversity team.

How to apply
Contact: Please send your short letter of motivation, an extended curriculum vitae, your academic records with grades of all courses (preferably with ranking) and three reference contacts to Prof. Bart P. Braeckman before 15 September 2018.
Preselected candidates will be interviewed.
The project starts October 1st 2018. It is an assignment for a period of 4 years. First, the selected candidate will get a temporary position for 1 year with the perspective of prolongation for another 3 years. After the first year, there will be an evaluation regarding the prospects of successful completion of the PhD project within the next three years. Salaries conform to standard Belgian regulations.