Phenotype of mec-3(gk1226) and mec-3(gk3299)

Hi. I need mec-3 mutant worm that PVD neuron is degenerated. But we only have mec-3(gk1226) and mec-3(gk3299) in our lab. I’m not sure if the phenotype of this two alleles is PVD neuron degenerated. I’m wondering if anyone knows the phenotype of gk1226 and gk3299.
Thank you for your help!
CAI Yuxin

I’ve never worked on touch, and I would recommend that you get in touch with someone who has. Still, some thoughts from a non-expert:

  1. gk1226 and gk3299 look like strong loss-of-function alleles of mec-3
  2. mec-3 is required for touch cell differentiation, and the mec-3(lf) phenotype is a defect in the fates of the touch neurons, including the PVDs.
  3. On the other hand, that’s not necessarily the same as the cell having “degenerated”, which in the context of the touch neurons usually makes me think of mec-4(d), which causes selected touch neurons that have normal cell fates to die because of excess channel activity. But, I don’t think mec-4(d) normally affects the PVD.

Thank you for your reply! It gives me more ideas.