Has anyone used a pie-1-p::GFP::H2B::zif-1 3’ UTR strain. It seems like the germline expression is extremely weak/limited in adults and I was wondering if there are other tissues one could look at to confirm the presence of this marker. Is it by any chance also seen in the hypodermal nuclei? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks

I’ve not used that strain, but I’ve used pie-1p::mCherry histone fusions (transgene ltIs37; not sure what 3’ UTR, maybe his-58). It was definitely expressed in some epidermal cells. I didn’t dig into it, but could be seam or hyp cells. Other folks might have a more definitive answer.

Is the transgene expressed in embryos? For the ltIs37 transgene, it was easiest to confirm the markers in embryos.