Position Title: Research Specialist

Position Title: Research Specialist

Principal Responsibilities

  •    Independent research performing genetic, molecular, biochemical, and cellular analysis of chromosome segregation, sex determination, and dosage compensation in the C. elegans model organism
  •    Conduct genetic screens for mutants and analysis of new mutations
  •    Perform antibody production and purification of proteins and complexes
  •    Perform standard molecular biology techniques including DNA isolation, cloning, and sequencing, production of transgenic nematode lines, ChIP-chip analysis, EMSAs
  •    Perform standard cell biology, including FISH analysis, antibody staining
  •    Help train and mentor lab members on various lab techniques and work together with lab staff to maintain a productive scientific environment

Preferred Qualifications

  •    Ph.D. degree in molecular biology or a related discipline
  •    Extensive experience with C. elegans model organism
  •    Excellent organizational and communication skills, ability to work independently and interact with a diverse group of researchers

To Apply

  •    Please email cover letter, resume, and a list of three references to Jess Gunther (jessgunther AT berkeley.edu), the administrative assistant for Barbara Meyer, Ph.D.