Post-doc CIML CNRS Marseille + Research Assistant IBPS Paris

We have 2 jobs offers for a project supported by an ANR grant between Nathalie Pujol (CIML-Marseille) and Michel Labouesse (IBPS-Paris) in collaboration with Raphaël Voituriez (IBPS-Paris) and Claire Valotteau (LAI-Marseille).

The project will explore how mechanical forces originating from changes in the tension experienced by the epithelium and its surrounding extracellular matrix can influence skin homeostasis in C. elegans. Indeed, the skin is constantly submitted to small injuries and infections, and in response try to repair the wound as well as to mount an immune response.

For this project, we are recruiting:

• A post-doc at the CIML Marseille (2 years)
For details contact pujol@ciml.univ-mrs .fr

• An ingenieur at the IBPS Paris (2 years)
For details contact michel.labouesse@sorbonne-universite .fr