Post doctoral position at University of Kiel, Germany

The Döring lab at the University of Kiel, Germany is seeking a postdoctoral researcher to study on the identification (forward genetics) and characterization of mutants in the context of fat metabolism in C. elegans. In addition, approaches to study transgenerational effects (“epigenetics”) should be established. The Döring lab uses C. elegans as a model system to investigate on genetic and physiological aspects of fat metabolism. For this purpose our lab is well equipped for C. elegans research (i. e. COPAS Biosorter). Please have a look on our recent publication:

Klapper, M., Ehmke, M., Palgunow, D., Boehme, M., Matthaeus, C., Bergner, G., Dietzek, B., Popp, J., Döring, F. Fluorescence based fixative and vital staining of lipid droplets in C. elegans reveal fat stores using microscopic and flow cytometry approaches. J Lipid Res. 2011 52(6):1281-93

The ideal candidate will have strong background and expertise in classical genetics, biochemistry and physiology. Higher knowledge and expertise in bioinformatics could be advantageous. It would also be valuable to have experience working with C. elegans. Applications should be composed of a CV including professional experience, list of publications, and list of technical competencies, and the contact information of 2 references to via email.