Postdoc and Technician in Tokyo

PostDoc and Research Assistant/Technician positions are available in Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo, Japan.

We use C. elegans to study alternative splicing regulation in metazoan. We employ a multidisciplinary approach using genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry and informatics.

We are seeking a highly motivated individual with a PhD degree in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, or related sciences for a postdoc. Experience with C. elegans is not absolutely essential.

We welcome a postdoc and a technician from all over the world, and a two- or three-year commitment is desired.

Interested applicants should contact or submit their CV to KUROYANAGI Hidehito [].


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See also:
Charles J. David and James L. Manley. The search for alternative splicing regulators: new approaches offer a path to a splicing code. Genes & Dev. 22: 279-285, 2008.

KUROYANAGI Hidehito, Ph.D.
Graduate School of Biomedical Science
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Tokyo 113-8510, Japan
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