Postdoc and technician positions at Mass General Hospital/Harvard Med School

Postdoc and technician positions available at Massachusetts General Hospital/
Harvard Medical School, Boston

We are studying epithelial polarity and tubulogenesis in C. elegans, with a particular
focus on the architectural process of tissue morphogenesis. Our approaches combine
classical loss-of-function studies with new imaging tools to both visually and
biochemically resolve this process on a molecular level. Our findings suggest a new
model for polarized membrane biogenesis that we are exploring. We have also
assembled a large image library of C. elegans organ polarity phenotypes and their
underlying gene defects that await analysis.

Seeking a postdoctoral researcher interested in the visual analysis of
morphogenesis and in the use and development of in vivo, single-cell and single-
molecule imaging approaches. Proficiency in molecular biology (e.g. cloning) and
protein biochemistry is required, experience with C. elegans or other genetic model
organisms highly desirable. We are also looking for an experienced technician who
would like to join us in this effort and become a longer-term member of the team.