Postdoc, Phd students positions available at the Center for Systems Biology

The Laboratory of Molecular Genetics (Ralf Baumeister, ZBSA Center for Systems Biology, Fac. of Med. and Bio.) at the University of Freiburg has positions open for:

2 senior postdocs

initially for three years (can be extended). You have already postdoc experience and want to contribute to our research and teaching program (Genetics, biochemistry of aging and age-related disorders, signalling studies, C. elegans disease models, bioinformatics, software development) with own ideas. We provide a fully equipped lab and expect the participation in running and future research cooperations, and, in the long run, the acquisition of own third party funding. A moderate level of teaching (Bachelor: in German; Masters, PhD: English) is expected.

1 Postdoc/1-2 PhD students

to work in a fully funded interdisciplinary project to investigate the signaling pathways and molecular mechanisms of stress control, longevity, and disease, using C. elegans and biochemical models. A particular focus will be the link between several mechanisms linking lifespan control and age-related diseases, and/or the development of bioinformatics and software tools for the management of large datasets (systems biology tools). The research involves close contacts to the core facilities Imaging, Genomics, and Proteomics of the newly established ZBSA – The Center for Systems Biology (, to the labs participating in FRISYS (Freiburg Initiative for Systems Biology, a BMBF funded project), and to the C. elegans Parkinson’s group at our department.
We are looking for a highly motivated researcher with a strong background in C. elegans or other models to study age-related mechanisms and their regulatory pathways. A background in biochemistry and/or genetics is preferred. Funding is secured initially for three years.

Our lab provides an interdisciplinary environment and hosts researchers of ten nations. Lab language is English. We are affiliated with FRISYS (Freiburg initiative of Systems Biology, funded by BMBF), three SFB/CRC Collaborative and interdisciplinary Research Centers and two Graduate Schools in Neurobiology and Developmental Biology, and the IMPRS (International Max Planck Research School). The group belongs to both the Faculty of Biology (Institute of Biology III) and the Faculty of Medicine (ZBMZ –Center for Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Research), lab members have access to facilities and grant opportunities of both faculties. The lab is also involved at all three levels of the German excellence initiative that supports the University of Freiburg (

The University of Freiburg was recently rated one of the top universities in Germany ( Life Sciences in Freiburg are always found at top ranking positions among German universities. Freiburg is located at the slopes of the Black Forest in an absolutely marvelous environment: it is one of the oldest German students towns, 200,000 inhabitants, located 30 miles from Basel, and 40 miles from Strasbourg) in the triangly Switzerland- France-Germany. It is also considered one of the most-beloved places in Germany, and the warmest city in the country.

1 Technician / technical assistant

This post is available initially for one year, but extension is easily possible, to support our research group on aspects of genetics and biochemistry. The project is fully funded and involves C. elegans genetics, clonings, Western blot analyses, worm sorting, and a broad range of other biochemical, molecular, and imaging procedures.

Applicants should hold a degree in a biological science, ideally with substantial research experience in biochemistry/molecular biology. Good communication skills, data management and IT skills are also required, as well as a positive attitude to collaborative research. No routine jobs!

We can provide a regular employment, but are alternatively in the position to issue a research stipend (for foreign applicants: this is, at least in Germany, tax-free).

Please submit your application (CV, list of publications, 3 reference addresses) to:
Ralf Baumeister, PhD
Bioinformatics and Molecular Genetics
Director, ZBSA
Schaenzlestr. 1
D-79104 Freiburg
Fon: +49-761-203 8350
Fax: +49-761-203 8351
Online submission: