Postdoc position in cell/developmental biology: Fumio Motegi lab in Singapore

One postdoctoral researcher position is available for a cell-developmental biologist to work with Fumio Motegi’s group.

We are interested in understanding the mechanisms underlying “cell polarization”, by which molecules/organelles establish spatial asymmetry within a cell and across tissues. Establishment of cell polarity relies on mechanical processes that involve asymmetric contraction of actomyosin networks and trans-location of dedicated polarity regulators, PAR proteins. In newly fertilized zygotes, cellular polarity is critical for decisions whether to become somatic cells or germ cells during embryogenesis.

Our research focus is to uncover the biophysical basis of “spatial segregation of membrane-bound PAR proteins”. This project will use multi-disciplinary approaches: a combination of genetics, biochemistry, biophysics, and advanced imaging-and-analysis technologies. We aim at uncovering not only the basics in cell polarization but also how cellular asymmetry interfaces with critical decisions of soma-germline dichotomy.

The successful candidate will have an opportunity to work with biophysics community in Mechanobiology Institute in National University of Singapore and cell-developmental biology community in Temasek Lifesciences Laboratory. More information can be found at: Motegi Fumio, Ph.D, Senior Principal Investigator | TLL Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory and

  1. A Ph.D in Biochemistry, Biophysics, Cell Biology, or Developmental Biology (or equivalent specialization).
  2. At least one first-author publication (in English) in an international peer-reviewed journal.
  3. Pactical experience with cell biology, genetics, and microscopy are preferable.
    Salary and benefits are commensurable to educational qualifications and working experience of the candidates. Benefits include annual leave, medical and flexi-benefits, etc.

Submit your completed application form along with curriculum vitae, research interest, publication list (if applicable) and three references to:

Dr. Fumio Motegi
Principal Investigator
Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory and Mechanobiology Institute
1 Research Link, National University of Singapore, Singapore 117604