Postdoc Position in the Alper lab

Postdoctoral position in the Alper lab
Translating innate immune genes discovered in C. elegans into mammals

The Alper laboratory is interested in the regulation of innate immunity. In particular, we are focusing on signaling pathways that limit chronic inflammation,
thereby limiting diseases with an inflammatory component. We have used C. elegans as a screening tool to identify novel innate immunity regulators and
have been following up by performing mechanistic and therapeutic studies in mouse macrophages, mice, and human patient samples.
We are looking for postdoctoral candidates who are interested in translating gene discoveries made in C. elegans into mammalian model systems.

Selected publications:

  1. Alper, S, Laws, R, Lackford, B, Boyd, WA, Dunlap, P, Freedman JH, and Schwartz, DA. Identification of Novel Innate Immunity Genes and
    Pathways Using a Comparative Genomics Approach. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 105: 7016-7021. (2008).
  2. De Arras, L, Yang, IV, Lackford, B, Riches, DWH, Prekeris, R, Freedman, JH, Schwartz, DA, and Alper, S. Spatiotemporal inhibition of innate
    immunity signaling by the Tbc1d23 RAB-GAP. J. Immunol. 188: 2905-13 (2012).
  3. De Arras, L, Seng, A, Lackford, B, Keikhaee, MR, Bowerman, B, Freedman, JH, Schwartz, DA, Alper, S. An evolutionarily conserved innate
    immunity protein interaction network. J. Biol. Chem. 288: 1967-1978 (2013).
  4. De Arras, L and Alper, S. Limiting of the innate immune response by SF3A-dependent control of MyD88 alternative mRNA splicing. PLOS
    Genetics 9(10):e1003855 (2013).
  5. De Arras, L, Laws, R, Leach, S, Pontis, K, Freedman, JH, Schwartz, DA and Alper, S. Comparative genomics RNAi screen identifies Eftud2
    as a novel regulator of innate immunity. Genetics. 197: 485-496 (2014).
  6. O’Connor, BP, Danhorn, T, De Arras, L, Flatley, BR, Marcus, RA, Farias-Hesson, E, Leach, SM and Alper, S. Regulation of Toll-like receptor
    signaling by the SF3a mRNA splicing complex. PLOS Genetics. 11(2):e1004932 (2015).

Applicants should have a PhD in genetics, biochemistry, immunology, or a related field. Interested candidates should send a CV
and contact information for three references to:

The Alper lab is located at National Jewish Health in Denver and is affiliated with the neighboring University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver.