Postdoc position in the Hallem lab, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

A position is available immediately for a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher to study the neural basis of sensory behaviors in C. elegans and parasitic nematodes.

We are interested in the neural circuits and signaling pathways that mediate sensory behaviors in free-living and parasitic animals. We use C. elegans as well as both insect-parasitic and mammalian-parasitic nematodes as model systems. A major goal of our research is to understand at the molecular and cellular level how sensory neural circuits evolve to enable species-specific behaviors. We are also interested in how parasitic nematodes use sensory cues to locate hosts, and how the sensory systems of parasitic nematodes differ from those of free-living nematodes. A more detailed description of our research is available at

Our research spans the fields of neurobiology, parasitology, molecular biology, and genomics. We encourage applications from candidates interested in any or all of these areas.

Candidates must have completed or be near to completing a PhD in neuroscience, molecular biology, or a related field. To apply, please send your CV and a brief statement of your research interests to Elissa Hallem at