Postdoc position in Zuryn Lab, QBI, Australia

We are seeking a postdoc to join our team at the Queensland Brian Institute (QBI) in sunny Brisbane, Australia.

A research group led by Dr Steven Zuryn recently opened in September 2015 ( As such, we are currently recruiting ambitious investigators to join our team and help push the boundaries of fundamental genetic knowledge and medical research in a highly motivated, intellectual, and exciting setting.

Research in the Zuryn lab will fall into two distinct themes: Epigenetics and mitochondrial biology. The primary purpose of this position is to determine fundamental aspects of mitochondria in different cell types, including neurons. Specifically, the project will examine mechanisms of mitochondrial genome regulation through the development of novel molecular tools in the genetic model organism C. elegans. The results of such studies will lead to discoveries that will influence our understanding of neurodegenerative and mitochondrial diseases, as well as complex biological processes such as ageing. To achieve these results, extensive molecular cloning and other molecular techniques (DNA/RNA/protein levels) will be employed. In addition, epigenetic influences on mitochondrial function and mitochondrial dysfunction-associated stress will be investigated.

If interested, please email your CV and a motivation letter to Steven directly at