Postdoc position studying environmental programming of chromatin state

A postdoctoral position is available as part of the Hall lab in the Department of Biology at Syracuse University.

The research focus of this position will be to investigate the environmental programming of chromatin structure via endogenous RNAi pathways. Work in the Hall lab focuses on understanding the epigenetic mechanisms regulating environmental programming of gene expression and the resulting consequences on behavior and physiology using the model organism C. elegans. Please see Hall lab website for additional information on our research and new lab facilities:

Candidates for the position must have completed their Ph.D. in biology or related field before starting the position. The successful candidate is expected to be motivated, able to work independently, interact well with a diverse lab group, and have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Previous experience with bioinformatics is preferred but not required. Please visit and search for job#070282 for more information and to apply for the position.