Postdoctoral position in Systems Biology in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The ‘Quantitative Developmental Biology’ group started on March 1st 2012 at the FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics (AMOLF) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is currently looking for excellent candidates for a two year post doc position.

Research in the lab focuses on studying developmental biology using a quantitative, systems biology approach in C. elegans. Previously, we have used single molecule Fluorenscence In Situ Hybridization (smFISH), an exciting new technique to visualize individual mRNA molecules, to quantify the role of molecular noise and variability in the induction of different cell fates during C. elegans vulva development. In the future, the lab will combine smFISH, advanced timelapse microscopy and microfluidic techniques to study development quantitatively both on the mRNA and protein level in C. elegans, with a focus on topics such as stochastic cell fate decisions, the dynamics of morphogen gradients and developmental control of the cell cycle. More information on the lab can be found at:

Ideally, candidates for this position have a strong background in C. elegans biology, preferably with hands-on experience with genetic manipulation of C. elegans, and are interested in combining those skills with quantitative biophysics and systems biology approaches. However, outstanding candidates with a background in physics or in other fields of biology and with a strong interest in systems and developmental biology are also encouraged to apply.

AMOLF is one of the research institutes funded by the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM), the physics division of the Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO). It has a very successful and internationally renowned biophysics and systems biology section, with excellent facilities for microscopy, molecular biology and microfabrication. The institute employs around 130 researchers and provides a young, international and interdisciplinary environment composed of researchers with backgrounds in physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics. Amsterdam itself is a very cosmopolitan city that consistently ranks among the top cities in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey.

For any questions regarding the position, do not hesitate to send me an email at Applications should be send directly to the Institute. For more information on the application procedure, please look at the advertisement on the AMOLF website at: