Postdoctoral position: robustness of neuronal specification programs

A postdoctoral position is available starting in fall 2018 at the Developmental Biology Institute of Marseille, France, located on the Luminy campus, in the group of Vincent Bertrand. The position is funded for 3 years.

The acquisition and maintenance of the differentiated state of a neuron are achieved by terminal transcription factors that are expressed throughout the life of the neurons. However, gene expression is often noisy, presenting a high stochastic variability. The objective of this project is to determine how the identity of a neuron can be established and maintained throughout the life of the animal in a reliable manner despite this variability. This question will be addressed using C. elegans, an excellent system to analyze the robustness of neuronal development. The project will combine recent genome engineering methods (CRISPR), quantitative in vivo imaging and single molecule FISH.

We are seeking a highly motivated candidate with a PhD in molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, developmental biology or neurobiology. The working language in the laboratory is English.

A letter of motivation, a CV and the names of two referees should be sent to Vincent Bertrand (

More information about the laboratory can be found here: