Postdoctoral Position - Spliced Leader trans-splicing

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Aberdeen - School of Medical Sciences

A global genetic analysis of nematode spliced leader trans-splicing

We are seeking an enthusiastic and self-motivated scientist to join a research team investigating the molecular basis of spliced-leader RNA trans-splicing in nematodes. The project exploits a novel C. elegans-based system that allows us for the first time to visualise changes in spliced leader RNA trans-splicing in living animals. You should have experience of working with the genetics or molecular biology of eukaryotic model organisms. Part of the project will involve collaboration with Professor Tom Blumenthal, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA, requiring a short visit to undertake research in his laboratory.

You should have a PhD in Genetics, Molecular Biology, or related discipline. The position is funded by the BBSRC for a period of 3 years. This is a Grade 6 position with a starting salary of £30,122 per annum.