Postdoctoral Positions: Integrative Physiology in Rochester, NY

Two positions are available in the Nehrke Lab at the University of Rochester Medical Center. The first is to study synergistic proton and calcium signaling during rhythmic defecation behavior. A working knowledge of dynamic fluorescent imaging techniques and/or optogenetics would be beneficial, but not required. This position is currently open and could start immediately. The second position is to study organelle pH regulation and neurodegeneration following cell stress. The approach will incorporate both worm and mammalian models. A background in neurobiology/neurodegeneration is preferred. This position is slated to start Jan. 2011.

Rochester, NY is a small city (~200,000) on the shores of Lake Ontario. The locale is perfect for families, the schools are generally excellent, and an abundance of opportunites exist for the outdoorsperson. Our theatre and orchestras are among the best on the East coast, buoyed by proximity to the world-reknown Eastman School of Music. The University of Rochester Medical Center is a premier research and teaching institute. The laboratory itself is currently peopled by several graduate students, undergraduates, a postdoc and a technician, and is thus relatively small (~8 people). I myself still work in the lab and have routine contact with other lab members on a daily basis. In addition, there are several other worm labs at the University of Rochester and we are part of a regional worm community consisting of approximately 20 other labs from locales ranging from Kingston, ON to Albany, NY.

I will be at the Madison meeting from August 1-4 to discuss these opportunities. Please e-mail me at for further information.