Postdoctoral researcher: stress response and epigenetics in C. elegans

Opening for 2-year postdoc scholarship to work with stress response and epigenetic inheritance in the C. elegans

I am seeking a highly motivated postdoc to join my group at the Dept. of Cell and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University in a project funded by Carl Trygger’s Foundation. Research in our group is focused on RNA transport between cells and inheritance of small RNAs and epigenetic effects between generations. For our studies, we use the nematode C. elegans, a well-established model organism for these processes.

Project: The project concerns characterization of the link between environmental stress (e.g. increased temperature) and regulation of epigenetic inheritance, with a specific focus on a putative RNA-binding protein identified in our lab. Methods to be used will include e.g. genetics, transgenics, RNAi, immunoprecipitation of proteins and RNA, and fluorescence microscopy (widefield and confocal).

Qualifications: Highly motivated candidate with a PhD in molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, or related field. Excellent communication skills (written and spoken English) is a requirement.

Position: The postdoc is funded by a tax-free 2-year scholarship from Carl Trygger’s Foundation, amounting to 276,000 SEK per year.

How to apply: Apply preferably before August 15, 2019, but position will be open until filled. Please apply by sending an e-mail to with the subject heading ‘Postdoc application’ and the following documents combined into one pdf file:

– A cover letter describing your research interests and suitability for the position
– CV including publication list
– Contact details of two to three references

Questions: For any questions regarding the project or position, please e-mail me at