Primary Culture for C. elegans neuron and muscle cells

Hi worm community…

I need to get the neuron and muscle cell based on Kevin Strange, Michael Christensen & Rebecca Morrison research under title ‘A Primary Culture System for Functional Analysis of C elegans Neuron and Muscle Cells. In order to learn the accurate techniques and protocol, i intend to have a mobility program to their university (Vanderbilt University Medical Center’. How can I contact this person since the email ( & attached to the article cant be delivered.

I was wondering if the community have any solution so that I can reach the person in charge.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Here’s his contact info:;class=Person

It seems like he relocated institutions.

Thank you very much!!! Really appreciate this information… :slight_smile:

still no reply from them… :frowning:

Try emailing again. If that doesn’t work, try calling him.

Alternatively, David Miller, who was the collaborator on that initial paper in Neuron, is still at Vanderbilt. You could try contacting him.

Is there any place or institute that you all can suggest for me to have the lab learning programe? An alternative if all the author cant be reached.