problems with NGM

Hi everyone,
it is first time I have problem with NGM. I have the same condition of growing C. elegans (NGM, E. Coli OP 50, 20 degrees) for a long time and from couple of weeks my NGM is drying up in a very short time, after 2-3 days is completely dry.
What can I do?
Thanks for Your advice.

Hi Martka,

Could it be simple as your box being close to a fan in the incubator? I have had plates dry out fairly rapidly when I place them right next to the fan and the plates are not in a covered box.

I hope this helps!



could be lots of things, mostly related to excessive evaporation…for example, you’re using a new order of plates and they are vented rather than non-vented… the humidity Level in your lab has changed…your incubator (if you are actually using one) might be the culprit…we wrap our plates with parafilm and they are non-vented so they last but you might be doing it differently…without more info it’s difficult to be more helpful