procedure for correcting the annotation of a deletion

I have been working with the sa307 allele of egl-9 and I have mapped the deletion in the gene, however it is about 2kb away from the annotated location and about half the size (142 bases, not 243) . How do I go about getting wormbase corrected?

You can report the issue to WormBase, as a Content Correction (look in the lower-right corner of any content page of WormBase for the “Questions, Feedback & Help” pop-up, or follow this link, which you can find at the bottom of the WormBase home page).

Note that they probably won’t just immediately make the change: there will be some effort to figure out why your results differ from those they’ve previously annotated. This is likely to involve consulting the evidence that led to the annotation (maybe it was misread or incorrectly entered into WormBase?), and possibly contacting the researchers who reported the result. They may ask you to double-check with another copy of sa307. Doing all this will take a while - and even once the change is made, the live version of WormBase is only updated with new content periodically (I think it’s done every couple of weeks, but it may be longer).

In the interim, I’d encourage you to leave a Comment on either the egl-9 gene page or the sa307 Variation page, saying you get a somewhat different result for the molecular nature of sa307 and describing your result. I think these comments are publicly visible on the page, and should be helpful to anyone else looking for such information.

I have mapped it in three different strains containing the sa307 allele, coming from 2 different labs, and ordered the JT307 strain 3 times from the CGC to verify this…I’m right about this, and it’s driven me mad for about the last 4 months. I’ll fill out the form. Thanks!

I submitted a correction request and I just tried adding a comment, but the button to add the comment appears broken (on chrome at least, logged in through google). here’s my comment maybe you can add it???

The location of this deletion is incorrect in wormbase. The deleted sequence is:

which is located at V:10473778-10474019

It certainly sounds like you’ve been thorough!

I’m not part of WormBase, and can’t add it. I’ve had my own problems with the submission form; I’m told the WormBase people are aware of this bug.

I recommend emailing them the details (