I’ve been struggling to find any information on whether c.elegans promoters are capable of driving expression in human cells.
Could be simple use of the wrong key words in the search or could be the fact that nobody has really tested it.
This question has come back from the revision of the GM organism forms I submitted for my project.
Any insights/links will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

I recall an old paper using a C. elegans heat shock promoter in tissue culture cells. Try if you have not already. -Paul

there is this paper;

where they expressed C. elegans mrg-1 in HeLa cells under its own promoter…they add the caveat that there may be a cryptic promoter in the vector construct that could also be driving expression in the Hela cells. It’s clear that the pics show GFP-tagged expression, but it’s always good to read between the lines…