Protocol and primers for PCR identification of nematodes

Hi, I am working on a project to identify nematodes in Southern Central British Columbia in the West Kootenay region.
I would like to use the “miniPCR® Lab Starter Pack Plus” (https: www_minipcr_com/product / minipcr-lab-starter-pack-plus )
Can you recommend protocols and primers for PCR identification of nematodes?
More of a general first sweep method – do not need identification to species on the first pass --family or genus is close enough for a first pass.

Can someone suggest a good protocol for this project?

See this paper for protocols/primers for nematode identification.

Wild Caught Nematode Identification and Early Embryo Development: An accessible undergraduate research experience I just ordered the primers listed in this publication to identify nematode species on campus at Providence College in Rhode Island (USA).