punc-54::gfp Worms


We have been trying to take some videos of C Elegans body muscles.

We have some punc-54::gfp lines but they are expressing an MUV mutation. We thought it was an infection but it turns out it is a genetic mutation.

I was told that posting here might be a first step to find some of these worms.

The exact type we need are some worms that express GFP under the wild-type unc-54 promoter (punc-54). In particular a strain that expresses an extrachromosomal array, so that the expression is mosaic. This means that the expression is not seen in every muscle cell, but that it is distributed among muscle cells on a pseudo random basis. That way it should be possible to find worms that express in only one or two muscle cells.

An integrated line, where the punc-54::GFP has been incorporated into the animals chromosomal DNA will be less useful. This would mean that every cell in the body wall will express the GFP .

I hope someone else can help me out.


BC10095 contains unc-54p::gfp. It can be ordered from the CGC.


would this be CGC?



Yes that is the CGC.

thanks for all your help Freddie and Steve :-X