qPCR primers for RNAi silencing confirmation

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:
Just would like to ask, I have treated RNAi silencing on the worms via feeding protocol, and going to use real-time quantitative PCR to confirm whether my treatment is successful or not.
The primers for the E. coli clone are provided by the manufacturers, but can we use them for confirmation, or should we design the primers ourselves?
If we are to design these primers, how should we design the primers for this qPCR?
Thank you so much and happy worming! :wink:

Where do the primers map to? Are these the primers that the company used to clone in the insert? If yes, then they aren’t great for what you’re doing.

Regarding primer design, there’s tons of free online resources out there. Use software like Primer3Plus to help you out.
If you’re not sure how to design primers for qRT, search for some guides online like this.

Yes, the provided primer sequences are from the company.
Thank you for the information, will work it out :slight_smile: