Question about what the significant using cell of C elegans?

Good day everyone… Here I have question that perhaps we can discuss about. Its about the significant of using the neuron cell of C. elegans instead of human neural cell or mouse/rat neural cell. What your all comment about this?

Hope everyone can share their thought here. Thank you in advance. Just for knowlegde.

I think you should have a go at reformulating the ‘question’ as it is a little vague at the moment…probably why nobody has replied. For example, significant in what respect?



Thank you for the reply. What I mean is significant in using C. elegans neuron and muscle cell culture to determine the possibility role of vitamin E in synaptogenesis. Thank you in advance.

as outlined in the wormbook chapter on (embryonic) cell culture;

if you’re happy with being limited to embryonic versus post-embryonic differentiation and the fact that the lack of cell-cell contact throws out lots of channel/receptor functions then you could use embryos to generate differentiated neuronal and muscle tissue.

Again it depends upon the goal…are you looking at the anti-aging/neuroprotective functions of vitamin E, or more generally on synapse generation and stabilisation?

Maybe he lack of a decent (as far as I know) method ftor isolating post-embryonic cells rather limits your starting options, but maybe not!


There is a recent report regarding the isolation of cells from larval C. elegans.

But the power of the system is in keeping everything in vivo. Why can you not studying the effects of vitamin E on synapse stabilization in an intact animal? There are many reporters available to study synaptogenesis (GABAergic expressed SNB-1::GFP, for example). You can likely add Vitamin E to the plate (it was done for CoenzymeQ in this paper).

Good luck!

Steve V

so there is hope…

but it would be interesting to know the survival rate over the two week period mentioned in the paper, as only the survival rate for 16 hours is shown.


sorry, I meant 7 days not 2 weeks.


I dont know how I didnt notice your post. Thank you for the comment.

Steveh & Steve von stetina :

Since my supervisor want to focus on synaptogenesis between neuron cell or neuron and muscle cell, and further to microarray analysis,
thats why I didnt use intact animal. So I need to use cell culture method to focus just on gene that modulate synapse when doing microarray analysis.

However, the article you suggested did helped me. Thank you.