Re: Replacing 'Most Time Online' with '% Posts Receiving a Reply'

This is not a shameless way of me reaching 300 posts, or the fact that the ‘Most Time Online’ statistic makes it seem as I do nothing else but sit here reading forum posts, but perhaps more useful and encouraging statistics are possible / programable?

The 'most Time (wasted) Online statistic fails to take into consideration that some of us (well, apparently just me) log on in the morning and click the stay online box because this removes the pain of having to log on again later (I know, I should get a life, but these things build up and…).

What would be useful I think, is a stat that shows how many posts receive at least one reply…kind of, ‘see, you won’t get ignored if you post here’.

It may well be that this is not feasible…but JFK said it right…‘we do this not because it is easy…’

Oh yes, does God follow Guru in the rankings?


I put in a ticket for the WebTeam, they might come up with something.