Reagents Available from Otsuka Lab Closing

I will be retiring from the University of Hawaii on December 30, 2015. There are various plasmids, worm strains, and other reagents that may be useful to others in the worm community. By university policy, these items will be destroyed unless transferred to others. Please let me know ( or if you can use any of the following items and I can provide further details:
19 worm genome microarray slides (Microarrays Inc., CE1100, lot # 50358,
DNA primers, antibodies, plasmids, expression systems, transgenic worms, etc. for the unc-44 ankyrin, unc-104 kinesin-related, CLASP2, and/or PP2A regulatory subunit genes/proteins.
Reagents for yeast-two hybrid system from PP2A or CLASP2 screens.
Lipid accumulating worm mutants from a Nile Red staining screen (with initial characterization).
Andrew Fire’s plasmid vector collections 1995, 1999.
E. coli biotin operon repressor mutants, antibodies, and plasmids (no relation to any of the above items).
Aloha, Anthony Otsuka