Recent Graduate with an MS looking for a Research associate position

I am about to graduate with a Masters in cell and molecular biology from Cal State East bay, Hayward. I am looking for a research position in a lab that works with
C.elegans. My background includes three years of experience working with C.elegans utilizing molecular techniques, genetics as well as microscopy.For my Master’s
research project, I performed classic genetic crossing strategies to generate various strains of C.elegans carrying transgenic fluorescent markers and collected the
image data using Confocal microscopy and fluorescence microscopy. Image data was analyzed using ImageJ/FIJI software.

I am a fast learner and a hard working individual. I am hoping to work in a position, where I can make a difference.

Monika Avina

Dear Monika,
We are a laboratory located in Iowa City, at the University of Iowa and are looking for an enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated RA. My laboratory works on
the neuronal control of stress responses, and in particular the heat shock response (example: ). The position is a
full-time position.

The lab uses optogenetics, live imaging, immunofluorescence and FISH, along with standard genetic and molecular biology techniques in C. elegans
to dissect organismal stress signaling. We also use mammalian tissue culture to extend our observations to mammalian systems.

Iowa city (a UNESCO city of literature) is a very charming city to live in. Internationally known for its Writers Workshop, the city supports numerous outdoor
activities, offers a large variety of restaurants and bookshops, and is ~3.5 hours driving distance from Chicago.

If you are interested, e.mail me directly with your CV, a one page write-up about your interests, and the contact information of three referees and we can take it from there.


Good luck,

Veena Prahlad, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Aging Mind and Brain Initiative
University of Iowa
338 BBE, 143 Biology Building
Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1324
Office Ph: 319-335-1055

Dear Veena,

Thank you so much for letting me know about this position. The work you are doing in your lab sounds very exciting and I would have loved to be a part of that team, but unfortunately, I cannot relocate from California Bay area.
I have a family that is very much rooted to this place. This was just the kind of position I was looking for, as my research project was about mechanosensory circuit development in C.elegans but sadly I cannot move to Iowa city.

Thank you again.