Reference Page: C. elegans Facts & Figures


We have been considering (on the scientific discussion board) the best way to collate and provide access to commonly requested facts and figures about C elegans.

see one of the latest entries:

Would it be possible to set up a board on the worm forum dedicated to facts and figures about C. elegans? Information such as av. protein, DNA, RNA & lipid content of worms (perhaps at different stages), length/diameter have all been requested on a number of occasions.

This could then be the first port of call for new and existing members of the forum seeking this information.

I would set up posts on the facts & figures board for each of the above (and any others I can think of), so that readers of these posts could 1. comment on the values, 2. suggest better values or references to these values…thus future readers have all discussions on ‘protein content per worm’ in a single thread.