Research Assistant/Laboratory Manager Meyer Lab Duke University

Research Assistant/Laboratory Manager
Meyer laboratory, Duke University

We use C. elegans and mammalian cell culture to study the effects of genotoxic agents on human and wildlife health. We are interested in understanding the mechanisms by which environmental agents cause DNA damage, the molecular processes that organisms employ to protect prevent and repair DNA damage, and genetic differences that may lead to increased or decreased sensitivity to DNA damage. Mitochondrial DNA damage and repair, as well as consequences of developmental exposure, are a particular focus. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and nanomaterials are the contaminants that we study most. We employ molecular, genetic, and biochemical tools, and also measure organismal-level endpoints.

Responsibilities of the successful candidate include ordering and stocking general lab supplies, maintaining reagent collections, training and supervising new lab personnel, generating general lab reagents, monitoring and maintaining equipment, and performing experiments.

We are seeking a highly motivated individual with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, toxicology, or related sciences. Prior lab experience is required. Experience with C. elegans is strongly preferred, but not absolutely essential. The ideal candidate is energetic, highly motivated, responsible, independent, and capable of multi-tasking. The individual should also exhibit strong organizational, problem-solving, database management, and communication skills (verbal and written). The successful applicant will work in a stimulating academic and cultural environment, have the opportunity to contribute as an author on manuscripts, and attend (inter-) national meetings and courses.

Earliest start date is April 2009, and a two- or three-year commitment is desired. Interested applicants should submit their CV and references to .