Research Assistant position in the Fontana Lab - Systems Biology, Harvard Med

Research Assistant Wanted

The Fontana lab in the Department of Systems Biology at Harvard
Medical School is looking for a Research Assistant to help develop a new
high-throughput imaging technology used to study the molecular genetics
of aging in C. elegans. The Research Assistant will participate in the
construction, calibration, and day-to-day management of a system in
which clusters of modified flatbed scanners are combined with image
processing software to automate the acquisition of lifespan statistics
in populations of worms.

Ideal candidates have usually completed college studies and consider
taking some time off to acquire laboratory experience before plunging
back into graduate studies. This job is about creative garage-like
engineering in the context of live animal (nematode) experiments. Some
software writing exposure would be useful. We are looking for someone
willing to learn, with a skill for gadgets and a penchant for problem-
solving. No specific prior knowledge is needed, but some background in
a branch of science or engineering is desirable. The position is for
one year with the possibility of extension, starting immediately.

Please send your resume and a cover letter to