Research Assistant - Sanger Institute - Single nematode genomes
The closing date 30th January 2022 with the view to hold interviews wk commencing 21st February 2022

We are seeking a Research Assistant to join the Blaxter group in the Tree of Life programme to work in our nematode and meiofaunal genomics team. You will join a friendly and productive group working on the genomics of the smallest of animals - mostly nematodes, but also other meiofauna.

About the Team:
The Blaxter group is using high volume genomics to understand the evolution and biology of a wide range of taxa. One key project is to sequence to high quality the genomes of hundreds of free living and parasitic nematodes (roundworms) and other meiofaunal species. We also work on a wide range of other animals, plants, fungi and protists.

About the Role:
You will be responsible for maintenance and processing of nematode cultures for genomic analysis, including many free living taxa and new isolates from the wild. You will be responsible for shepherding strains from acquisition through to genome sequencing, working with others in the team to set priorities and develop procedures. You will participate in wild sampling of nematodes and other meiofauna.