Research intern position at wsu

A Research Intern position is available immediately in the Sun lab at College of Medical Sciences, Washington State University, Spokane. By using Caenorhabditis elegans as a model organism, research in the Sun lab focuses on neural regulation of immunity in response to microbial infection.

Perform investigative work in support of scientific research.
Collect, record, verify data; compile information in support of research; Apply knowledge and skills applicable to an assigned technical discipline.
Perform calculations; prepare charts, graphs and reports.
Participate in laboratory meetings and planning sessions.
Order and prepare laboratory reagents, materials, chemicals, instruments, and equipment.
Maintain worm and bacterial stocks.
Ensure lab conditions and equipment are properly cleaned and maintained in accordance with established procedures. Assist with general lab maintenance and cleaning.
May demonstrate and explain various laboratory techniques to laboratory personnel, students, and others.
May direct the work of laboratory technicians, students, and others.
Perform related duties as required.

Desirable Qualifications
A Bachelor’s Degree in an appropriate field of Biology. Research experience with gene cloning and plasmid construction will be an advantage. Only highly motivated applicants are invited to apply.

To be considered, please apply online and send a Curriculum Vitae, a cover letter describing qualifications, and a list of three references to