Research Post Doc Fellow- Kalish Lab

The Kalish Lab focuses on improving clinical care for children with BWS through clinical and translational research. The lab oversees the BWS registry and biorepository and its work uses clinical data and samples to understand the transition between normal growth, overgrowth, and cancer. The lab’s clinical research focuses on improving care for the clinical features of BWS and understanding the correlations between those manifestations. Through this work the lab continues to develop national management guidelines for BWS. Its translational research focuses on how the epigenetic and genetic changes lead to the features of BWS including overgrowth and cancer, with goals of understanding these mechanisms and developing therapeutics.


Dr. Kalish is seeking a postdoc with a strong microbiology background- this is a must.

Experience in: if you have this experience, please list this in your CV

  • RNA
  • Sequencing
  • Experience in human pluripotent stem cell culture

Good writing is crucial to successfully conveying the importance of your research findings. You’ll likely spend a good deal of time preparing papers, grant applications, reviews, and presentations, so be sure to sharpen your writing skills- we are seeking a post-doc who has written a manuscript.

Resumes can also be sent to

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