Research Technician and Postdoctoral positions, Chisholm lab, UC San Diego

Research Technician and postdoctoral positions are available in the Chisholm lab, now located in the Division of Biological Sciences at the University at California, San Diego. Our interests are in epithelial morphogenesis and neuronal regeneration in C. elegans (Chin-Sang et al., 1999 Cell 99: 781; Ding et al 2003 Development 130: 5791; Yanik et al 2004 Nature 432: 822).

Applicants for the technician position should have a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (or related field), with strong grades in biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics. Responsibilities include generating and maintaining C. elegans strains, microscopy, and general laboratory duties. Motivated individuals can contribute to research projects. Pay rates will be determined by experience.
Please contact Andrew Chisholm directly (chisholm at, enclosing a CV and names of references.