RNAI Plasmids

My lab at the University of Alabama at Birmingham is new to the nematode model and we plan to observe the ceramide de novo pathway in relation to longevity in the worm model. We would like to ask any lab if they are willing to let us use a copy of the RNAI plasmid. We would pay for your services and any packaging and shipping fees. Of course if any publication arises from our research we will put you down as a co-author. Thank you to anyone who can help us! My email is mbrussel@uab.edu

It’s a published reagent, and is distributed through Addgene.

As I read Addgene’s Materials Transfer Agreement anyone who received the plasmid from Addgene isn’t supposed to supply it to other labs, they’re meant to refer requests back to Addgene. But you could try asking C. elegans researchers close to you anyway; the CGC lists nine labs in Alabama, several of them at your institution.

Also, you don’t necessarily need the plasmid; any sequence cloned between two T7 sites will work. You can design oligos that amplify your target sequence while adding T7 site at each end, and clone the PCR product into the vector of your choice.