RNAi sensitive strain (KP3948) unexpectedly unhealthy

I got this strain (KP3948, eri-1(mg366) IV; lin-15B(n744) X) from another lab’s very old glycerol stock. The lab that supplied this strain had no one currently working there that had used it before. The PI I work for and I have asked around, but we haven’t found anyone with experience with this strain.

We’re observing unexpected phenotypes that make this strain more difficult to work with. We observed the small brood sizes that were previously reported as a result of the eri-1 variation, but in addition we’re observing a lot of unreported phenotypes: rollers, protruding vulvas, and a longer development cycle than our N2s at RT. I’m wondering if anyone that has worked with this strain previously has observed any of these phenotypes, or if this is just an issue with the glycerol stock we derived our worms from.