Searching for Sequences

Does anyone know how to obtain the 3’UTR sequences for all of the genes expressed in the adult hermaphrodite germ line?


Hi Cody,

Have you ever tried to use WormMine or WormMart (legacy)?

They’re great resources and can help you accomplish what you’re seeking. Using WormMine, the first thing you’ll need to do is generate a list of genes that have been reported to be expressed in the adult hermaphrodite germ line. In the Templates section, select “Cell/Tissue → Expression”. For the “Anatomy Term > Name” section, put in “germ line” and hit “Show Results”. This will dump all the genes reported to be in the germ line. Next, you’ll want to add constraints. Near the top, hit the “Filters” button, and then “Define a New Filter”. A popup window will come up that looks a bit busy. Under Name, find the “Expression Patterns” tree that should have the dotted box around it, and select “Life Stages”. A green button should appear at the top of the window that says “Choose”. Using “LOOKUP”, put in “adult”.

Once you’ve got your list, you can add columns and mine whatever data you’d like from those genes.