seek help for a strain aak-2::gfp-overexpressing line

Hello all friends,
Glad to have a communication with every one!Recently,I’looking for a transgenic strain—aak-2::gfp overexpress,but always found none.I AM a newer in this field.
Is there any expert who could help me find it?OR who has it?I can pay for it. :slight_smile:
Maybe some information for its cDNA clone is also helpful for me. :slight_smile:
Plenty thanks! looking forward to reply soon!


you mean something like this strain? It’s available from the CGC.


Hmm, actually I think she’s looking for a translational fusion and not a transcriptional fusion. You should check out this reference.

Thank you very much ,Steve.I have searched this strain before by a reference.BUT I do not understand whether it can express a AAK-2::GFP protein.Frankly
speaking, I need a protein AAK-2.Due to my poor knowledge and technique about C.elegans,it’s hard for me to overexpress a AAK-2 protein through C.elegans directly .Besides,I found antibodies to C.elegans is not easily available.
As a result,I think out this way —seek a AAK-2::GFP overexpressing strain,and immunoprecipitate it by an antibody to GFP,as the reference Snug mentioned,which I have read before.
I really looking forward to a help. :frowning:

So if you read the reference then what’s the problem? The authors describe the generation of an integrated array, fyIs2, which is what you’re looking for.

fyIs2[AAK-2-GFP 100 ng/mL] was generated by integration of the extrachromosomal array by irradiation with ultraviolet light (254 nm) and out-crossed four times to wild type. fyIs2 fully rescues the Daf-d phenotype of daf-2(e1368); aak-2(ok524) at 25°C.

source: the reference I linked

BEFORE it was a little like this clip from black adder…

Now clarity cuts its illuminating path…you want a fusion protein.

As Snug says…it does exactly what it says in the reference.

Good luck…